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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bollywood actress kiss gallery 4

9 If we have a miss india at #10 then we do better by having a miss universe at 9.
According to the interview lara gave after mumbai se aya mera dost , she asked a 1000 questions to the director regarding this kiss and its importance, he probably mustve just said you gotta do it to survive in bollywood, and the BIG B’s son who was a nobody back then got to taste the miss universe. Lara againg went ahead & smooched small b in Jhoom barabar jhoom (where as in the same movie preity gave abhishek a cheat kiss..wonder why one actress can get away with a cheat kiss whereas the other one has to do a real smoochie ) Lara has also done an elongated extended kissing sequence with sanjay dutt in zinda. Points to director lakhiya for giving lara those extra deep cholis , yeah right thats how they dress in rural india.

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